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Anita Anver 60″ Fold Out Couch Bed, Sleeper Chair Futon, Washable Linen Cover, Comfort Optimized Back-Support Design (Queen, Beige)

Price: $199.99
(as of Feb 06, 2024 08:56:01 UTC – Details)

Discover the transformative comfort and convenience of the Anita Anver AllFoam Queen Couch Bed, where innovative design meets unparalleled versatility. This multi-functional piece of furniture is a quintessential addition for guest rooms, student dorms, or any living space where maximizing utility is as important as style. The Anita Anver brand is synonymous with quality, and this couch bed is no exception. With its dual-layer foam construction, it provides an optimal balance of softness and enduring support. The top layer cradles your body with its plush comfort, while the bottom layer ensures long-lasting durability, maintaining the bed’s shape and resilience over time. As a sofa, it boasts an angled back support, scientifically designed to offer maximum comfort for sitting and lounging. When transformed into a reading chaise or lounger, it becomes the ideal spot for relaxation or socializing. At night, it unfolds into a generous queen-sized mattress, featuring a 5-inch foam that promises a restful sleep. The Anita Anver couch bed is not only about comfort but also about practicality. Encased in a luxurious micro-linen fabric, it’s soft to the touch yet incredibly easy to maintain. The cover is fully removable and machine washable, thanks to the high-quality zippers, making it a breeze to keep the couch bed fresh and clean. Perfect for homes that value both function and fashion, the Anita Anver AllFoam Queen Couch Bed is the space-saving solution that doesn’t compromise on comfort or quality. Transform your space into a haven of rest and relaxation with this elegant and versatile piece that’s built to last.
VERSATILE DESIGN: The Anita Anver AllFoam Queen Couch Bed transitions effortlessly between a sofa, reading chaise, lounger, and a queen-size bed (60x80x6Inches). Its compact sofa form measures 34x60Inches with 12Inches sitting height, making it perfect for space-saving in guest rooms, student dorms, or small living spaces.
DUAL-LAYER FOAM CONSTRUCTION: Built for comfort and longevity, the couch bed features a dual-layer foam system; the top layer is designed for soft comfort, while the sturdy bottom layer (6″ thick as a bed) provides lasting support, ensuring the bed’s form and comfort over time.
ANGLED BACK SUPPORT: Designed with an ergonomically angled back support for the sofa, it provides maximum comfort at a sitting height of 12 inches, perfect for daily relaxation and hosting overnight guests.
STYLISH AND PRACTICAL: With a sleek, contemporary design, the Anita Anver Couch Bed adds a touch of sophistication to any room. It reflects the Anita Anver brand’s commitment to aesthetics and practicality, offering a stylish yet functional piece for modern living.
EASY MAINTENANCE: The couch bed is wrapped in a high-quality, removable micro-linen fabric cover that is machine washable, complete with premium zippers for easy removal, promising easy care and a consistently fresh appearance.